Light Party

The Light Party Show was a huge success. This show brought me back into working with some wonderful artists I have worked with in the Trapeze collective in the past, and also a few new faces. Barbara Bailey, Karen Bailey, Bonita Johnson and Diane Taylor-Sexton were all part of the Trapeze collective. Fred Fowler, Tobi Asmoucha, Amanda Rowe, and Jiri Tomiska were new to me when I joined this group.

We had a wonderful space at 2014 Dundas Street West, and the weather was perfect, allowing our guests to enjoy the outdoor terrace behind the gallery.

We curated our own space, and I was pleased to have one of my pieces nominated for the front window. That’s me in my “hanging the show” clothes! Before dashing home to change, get buffed and polished and return to host guests at the opening.

If you ever wondered if you are welcome at an art opening, the answer is yes! We love to have a crowd, that’s what makes it exciting. And we want to show our art to people, so we really appreciate anyone who takes the time to join us at a reception.

A one night show is a lot of work, but also great fun. We had everything packed up to go shortly after 11 pm.

We have another group show planned for 2021, on the theme “Home.” Stay tuned!

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