New mixed media works hanging at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

photos of artwork in a hallway at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

My pieces hanging outside the President and Board offices at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

A couple of times a year I get the opportunity to hang some of my art at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. This one is the Tully Invitational Show, which you need to be invited to participate in. Named after the volunteers that started the program of hanging art in the hospital more than 25 years ago.

These are all new works, and I am super pleased with how they look here. The three smaller pieces are all mixed media with collage elements.

So what, you may wonder, does it mean when I say “mixed media”? In this case, it means I have used multiple (mixed) forms of media to create the image. These pieces have several layers, including some pastel, some watercolor crayon, and lots of acrylic paint. The pastel and watercolor crayon are also artist quality materials. I fix them with a spray fixative, and then also seal them in with a layer of acrylic medium.

The collage elements are a bit shiny, and they are also glued down and sealed in with acrylic medium. Which is a lot like glue, in many respects — very similar chemistry to the white glue you used at school, but much purer, and also transparent.

Acrylic mediums come in a wide variety — literally dozens of types, and multiple manufacturers. Some are clear, others glossy, and they have a variety of working properties. I currently have several types, and keep experimenting with new ones.

Just working on getting photos up into the gallery page, stay tuned!

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