Painting Lake Nipissing from Memquisit Lodge

I had two glorious weeks in a small cabin at Memquisit Lodge on Lake Nipissing this summer. We were situated at the end of a rocky outcropping, with a marsh on one side and the lovely West Bay of Lake Nipissing on the other.

We did a little bit of hiking, explored the towns nearby on the days with poor weather, and had a campfire almost every night.  Many nights the sky was clear, even though the evenings were cold, and the stars were magnificent. We also paddled around the nearby islands and bays.

Needless to say, I painted most days. The lake itself is beautiful, and surprisingly calm for such a large lake. Probably because we were in the relatively sheltered West Bay area, where there are many islands.

This first painting was based on impressions, and some hastily taken photos from my phone, while we were kayaking along. I love the rocks of the Canadian Shield, and never tire of painting them.



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