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Watching the sunsets from on Lake Nipissing

We usually think of watching the sunset looking west, directly into the setting sun.  I often find that the most interesting light is in the clouds somewhere else.  I got to experience this on my recent trip to Lake Nipissing, where my cabin faced East.

As our campfire was crackling, we would sit and watch the lake. On this night, the reflections of the setting sun in the eastern sky clouds was spectacular. Few cameras can capture these colors as well as the human eye, but I did take a couple of photos as reminders.

One of the things that interested me were the highlights close to the horizon, and the way the reflected sunset broke around the island.

This painting is based on almost the same viewpoint as the painting titled Twilight from Memquisit, which is a painting of the pre-dawn twilight.

The next morning, with hot coffee firmly in hand, I started to figure out how to create this painting of brilliant colors in the fading light.