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Well, it was an amazing summer of painting. I’ve been a real slacker at keeping this web site updated, but was pretty keen to get some of this new work up here, so finally set aside the time to just get it done.

I try to make the photos as true to the colors of the work as possible, but I would have to say that the originals all look better than the photos — it’s just very difficult to capture a painting in a photograph.

I have started two new series of work that I am REALLY excited about.

The Near North Series is a looser, wilder interpretation of the raw landscape of the Canadian Shield country. The same landscape that has inspired a lot of painters over the years. These works are also finished in the studio.

The Highway Series is about the wide open spaces that we can see from the highway — agricultural and industrial lands. It is hard-edged, worked in the studio from my sketches and photos. The image shown at the top was the first of this series, and the first time I have painted in this style. I was having a lot of difficulty settling on the right color for the foreground, and painted several swatches on sketchbook paper. When I finally got the right one, I collaged it in, as a mark of the process of painting.

My obsession with the square format is not quite over, exactly, but I’ve started using some other shapes and sizes.

I hope you enjoy these new pieces.

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