Yorkville art show in March: The Highway Series

I’m thrilled to be having a solo show of my art in the Yorkville Library gallery during March. It’s a wonderful spot — a brightly-lit sunny room at the back of this historic location.

Here are a few of the installation views of the show.

installation of art show

It’s surprising how much work it is to put together a show like this. It makes me appreciate the work a commercial gallery does!

First, I have known of this date for about a year, because I had to apply for the space more than a year ago. I had gone in and measured the space to see how much room there was.

I’ve been painting with this show in mind for months, actually — as far back as last summer! I had started The Highway Series around 2015, and have continued to refine this idea and work along these lines. The concept is simple — looking at the rural landscape as we see it from the highway, usually in a moving car. More on that in another post…

As the time for the show comes closer, I started worrying I did not have enough work that met my standards for being good enough to show. A few pieces were reworked, and repainted. In one case, The Yellow Fields, I am thrilled with how the finished painting came out, after feeling it was not quite right for months.

I also started and finished a few pieces just in the last few months.

And everything needed to be mounted or framed, have wires put on it, titled even!

There’s a lot of second-guessing of oneself. “Is it good enough?” So now it is hung on the walls, shared with the world. The librarian in charge of that branch told me how pleased she was to see larger paintings, as they are often quite small. And it really brightens the whole space!

There are a number of libraries in Toronto that make their space available for art exhibits, and I think this is such a wonderful way to use the library system, in addition to all the other great stuff they do.

If you are in the Toronto area, I hope you drop by to see the work, “in person.”  All of it is here on the site.

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